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Grupa Wirydarz (Viridarium Group)
The Viridarium Group consists of a small number of mainly students acting under the auspices of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Open Republic Association. Viridarium focuses on Jewish culture and the fight against antisemitism, but does not limit itself to Jewish-related issues. The xenophobic attitudes it opposes also affect Arabs, Chechens, Turks, Vietnamese, Ukrainians and others. The Group initiates and organizes meetings with persons of note, such as Anna Bikont, Barbara Engelking-Boni, Rabbi Schudrich, Helena Datner, Prof. Pawel Spiewak and Konstanty Gebert. It also runs the Aware (Świadomy) project, under which the outdoor installations "Tree of the Names" (on the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising) and "Signs of the Memory" (to commemorate the atrocities in Jedwabne and Srebrenica) were made. The members of Viridarium have organized leafleting campaigns in response to the shocking findings of opinion surveys on the level of public awareness about the perpetrators of the atrocities in the town of Jedwabne.

The website has reprints of press articles raising issues of antisemitism and racism, and also the history of the Jews. There are links to other Polish and foreign organizations.
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