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Canadian Foundation of Polish-Jewish Heritage, Montreal Chapter
The Foundation membership includes mainly Canadian Poles and Jews, but is open to all interested persons. It cooperates with its sister chapter in Toronto, the National Polish American – Jewish American Council, the American Association of Jewish Studies in Cambridge, and Polish organizations including the Open Republic and Never Again associations.

The Foundation’s work is bolstered by the authority of renowned academics, artists, writers, religious figures and activists from Poland, Canada, Great Britain, Israel and the U.S.A. Guest lecturers have included Krzysztof Zanussi, Prof. Jerzy Kłoczowski, Hanna Krall, Agnieszka Holland, Rabbi Dow Marmur, Stanisław Krajewski and Norman Davies.

The Foundation has two important projects. One is publishing Holocaust memoirs, and the other is an online collection of articles on Polish-Jewish relations from the Polish and international press, with 12 to 16 current articles appearing each month.
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