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Stowarzyszenie promotes the cultural diversity of Europe while valuing and stressing the cultural characteristics of the Carpathian Euroregion. It does educational work aimed at counteracting discrimination, promoting the creative work of people threatened with social marginalization, and supporting the culture of ethnic and national minorities. Its branch in the town of Chyrowa, with the support of the Nongovernmental Organizations Support Centre (CeWOP) in Rzeszˇw, implemented the Chyrowa Intercultural Dialogue Day project, thanks to which the Intercultural Dialogue Center was opened in Chyrowa. The organization’s members intend the Center to be a meeting place for people from ethnic and national groups: Lemko and Boyko (groups of Ukrainian/Ruthenian origin) from western Poland, Jews, Roma, Hungarians, Germans and French. It works together with nongovernmental organizations, institutions, local authorities and national bodies involved in culture. It supports professional and amateur artists, gives training, does art therapy and runs workshops for different social groups including children and youth. It organizes lectures, conferences and cultural events of local and national reach.
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Contact: Stowarzyszenie
Kraszewskiego 1
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Tel.: +48 (17) 853 28 68

Chyrowa branch
Tel.: +48 (13) 433 05 60