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Żydowskie Motywy (Jewish Motifs International Film Festival)
The Festival’s organizers are the Jewish Motifs Association, the Warsaw Jewish Community and Gutek Film. The first one took place in 2004. The guiding idea behind it is to build understanding between different religions, peoples and cultures through art. During the Festival, films by artists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, and other countries of the former East Bloc and of Western Europe are shown. The Festival organizers wish to interest the public, above all young audiences who know little about Jewish history and culture, in the problem of identity and the experience of the Jewish fate. In addition, as partners and consultants they are ready to offer their experience and professional skills to local community members who are interested in the subject. The Festival presents noncommercial, innovative films, by filmmakers who seek new means of expression. The Festival has its own journal, Motiv. The website’s archive has a list of all the films presented at successive festivals.
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Contact: Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy „Żydowskie Motywy"
ul. Wilcza 12 C
00-532 Warsaw
Tel.: (22) 627 28 31
Fax: (22) 622 60 13