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Galicia Jewish Museum
The Galicia Jewish Museum in Cracow is located in a restored factory building, formerly Jewish-owned, in the Kazimierz district. Its founder was the British photographer Chris Schwarz, who also made the photographs presented in the "Traces of Memory" exhibition. The exhibition pays homage to the bygone world of the Jews of Galicia, and is an expression of appreciation of the legacy of more than 800 years of Jewish culture in Poland. The exhibition presents mainly contemporary photographs showing what remains of the rich Jewish heritage. Besides the permanent exhibition there are temporary exhibitions such as "Polish Heroes: Those Who Rescued Jews," with photographs of 21 such heroes from the Cracow area.

The Museum has a wide range of educational and cultural activities including lectures, seminars and workshops, meetings with Holocaust survivors and with recipients of the Righteous Among the Nations medal, concerts and Jewish dance classes. The Museum has a well-stocked bookstore (also online) with books in Polish, English and German on Jewish history, culture, religion and literary works. The Museum also has a Media Resource Center, open to visitors, with a collection of films on Jewish subjects and the Holocaust. There is a vegetarian cafe.
The Galicia Museum gives guided tours of its "Traces of Memory" exhibition and also of the Kazimierz district of Cracow.
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