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Bełżec Museum and Memorial
The Museum works on documents and collected items identified with Jewish material culture, conducts research on the mass murder of Jews and Poles in the Bełżec death camp and other Nazi camps in the Lublin region, conserves exhibits associated with the history of the camp, and gathers information about people murdered in the Bełżec camp. The Museum places great stress on education of secondary school and university students. The Museum staff wish to sensitize young people to the threat still posed by hatred, xenophobia, and intolerance toward other races, peoples, religions, and world views. The Museum organizes group tours of the permanent exhibition, which uses traditional and new ways to present history: maps, documents, audio, films and replica models. The Museum cooperates with teachers, youth workers and tour guides. It provides information, facilitates access to historical sources related to the mass murder of people in the Bełżec region during World War II, and organizes academic seminars and public education events.
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Contact: Muzeum – Miejsce Pamięci w Bełżcu
ul. Ofiar Obozu 4
22-670 Bełżec, Poland
Tel.: +48 (84) 665 25 10
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