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Muzułmański Związek Religijny w RP (MZR) (Muslim Religious Union in Poland)
The mission of MZR is to represent the interests of its members to state and local authorities, nongovernmental organizations, and foreign Muslim organizations. Other purposes include increasing knowledge of Muslim scholarship, culture and art, teaching and spreading the precepts of Islam, and caring for mosques, cultural centers, religious houses and cemeteries (MZR has two old mosques under its care in Kruszyniany and Bochoniki, a wooden house in Białystok serving as a house of prayer, a modern mosque in Gdańsk, and the Islamic Center in Warsaw operating under the supervision of the Muslim World League). MZR undertakes to build new religious buildings and to prepare people competent to run them, and provides assistance to MZR members and to poor and needy people. MZR organizes seminars and cooperates with Muslims from other nations.

MZR perceives the need for interfaith dialogue. For this purpose, since the 1980s there have been meetings organized between Polish Catholics and Muslims, to which members of both faiths from abroad have been invited. At the Center for Islamic Culture in Warsaw on June 13, 1997, the Joint Council of Catholics and Muslims was established; its mission is to initiate and conduct dialogue between the two religions and between the Latin and Muslim civilizations, to promote better mutual understanding, and to oppose negative stereotypes arising from ignorance.
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Contact: Muzułmański Związek Religijny w RP
ul. Grzybowa 42
15-052 Białystok
Tel./Fax: +48 (85) 664 35 16; +48 (22) 885 62 76