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Association for Creative Change in Organization Renewal and Development (ACCORD)
The Association for Creative Change in Organization Renewal and Development (ACCORD) is an association of professionals from sectors such as organizational development, management consulting, training and community development. Its objective is to create a learning community of individuals who want to introduce changes focused on the human factor in workplaces, organizations and communities. The Association's activities concentrate on the personal and professional development of its members, increasing their competence and deepening their knowledge of ways to introduce creative change. One of its methods is peer review: evaluation of the activities of individual members and their underlying theoretical assumptions. Another is presentation of problems encountered in practice, especially those of an ethical nature related to reconciling one's activities, views and values.

ACCORD was established in 1995 through the merger of two Canadian organizations: the Association for Creative Change (ACC) and the Canadian Association of Applied Social Scientists (CAASS).

The website offers information about events organized by the Association, such as conferences, workshops and meetings, as well as personal development opportunities and news about the communities in the Association.
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