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North of England Refugee Service (NERS)
The North of England Refugee Service Ltd (NERS) was established in 1989. It aids refugees and asylum-seekers arriving or residing in northern England. NERS assists in dealing with the authorities and obtaining basic benefits, helps integrate refugees into British society, and defends their rights. Its work relies on donations and volunteers. NERS cooperates in research projects, suggests ways of dealing with racial harassment, does volunteer work, and runs integrative programs. Having at its disposal the capability of translating more than 30 languages, NERS mediates between immigrants and various institutions. One priority task is to change society’s negative image of refugees; for this it issues press statements and reacts to negative stereotypes in the press. NERS encourages the refugee and immigrant community to form its own organizations and to undertake integrative activities. It also works to create the legal and social conditions for new groups of immigrants to be accepted.
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Contact: The North of England Refugee Service Ltd
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Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE2 4PQ, Great Britain
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