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Online/More Colour in the Media
OL/MCM was founded in 1997 by the On-Air/More Colour in the Media partners. It carries out projects, research, and program exchange. The projects are financially supported by the European Commission and a special antidiscrimination program.
OL/MCM works for empowerment of minority organizations and for greater visibility of ethnic minorities in the media, promotes intercultural education, and advocates minority employment in the media.

OL/MCM’s has projects dealing with employment and training, intercultural education and career choices, exchange of projects and programs, support for ethnic minority media, and strengthening the position of minority audiences in the media market (e.g., The European Week of Media and Diversity, Roots and Routes, Tuning in to Diversity, More Colour in the Media, More Diversity in the Media). OL/MCM is involved in the international educational projects "Cream Plus" and "The Log in the Media"; the former is intended to help ethnic minority students find work in the media; the latter is intended to interest young people in media work, and it uses the media to promote reading and writing classes for immigrants. Both projects encourage ethnic minority members to combat xenophobia and other forms of intolerance in the media.
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