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Pardes Lauder
The purpose of the Pardes association in Cracow is to promote more advanced knowledge of the Jewish religion. The educational program employs lectures, lessons with a rabbi on the Torah and the oral tradition in the Pardes Lauder Yeshivah, and translation, mainly of the classic works of Judaism into Polish. The Pardes Association helped form a team of competent professional translators who render the most important Jewish writings into Polish. The greatest success of this work is the publication of the first postwar translation of the Pentateuch from Hebrew to Polish. The website has the prewar edition of the Torah in Izaak Calkov’s translation (pdf), information on Pardes Lauder publications (books can be ordered online) and information on Jewish religion, customs and writings.
Language version: Polish
News: no
Newsletter: no
Downloadable educational materials: yes
Contact: Stowarzyszenie PARDES
ul. Zabłocie 43
30-701 Kraków
Tel.: +48 608 55 80 50

Stowarzyszenie Pardes Lauder Fundacji Ronalda S. Laudera
ul. Starowi¶lna 28/8
31-032 Kraków
Tel.: +48 (12) 429 36 57