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Polish/American/Jewish Alliance for Youth Action (PAJA)
The Polish/American/Jewish Alliance for Youth Action (PAJA) was established in 2000 in the United States. Its purpose is to support dialogue between young Jews and non-Jews. PAJA works to introduce educational programs to Polish and American schools to familiarize youth with Jewish history, customs and culture. The Alliance organizes joint meetings, teleconferences and camps for Christian and Jewish youth, and also a series of workshops under the "Builders of Understanding" program.

In Poland PAJA runs four projects. The first, "Atrium – The Clearinghouse of Information," is a website with information about events having to do with Jewish culture and intercultural and interfaith dialogue, and also an extensive database of organizations involved in these issues. The second, done in concert with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Diapositive) and the Znak Christian Culture Foundation (Forum), is production of a bulletin with information on projects and organizations, to be distributed free of charge to middle schools, universities and other organizations. The third is called "Those who helped," and it involves arranging ceremonies to honor Poles who rescued Jews during the Second World War. The fourth, "Education without borders," comprises workshops, conferences (sometimes by satellite), study trips during which Polish youth learn about Jewish culture, and international meetings of young Poles, Jews and Germans.
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