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Polish Robert Schuman Foundation
The Polish Robert Schuman Foundation was established in 1991. Its mission is to prepare Poland and the Polish people for enlightened membership in the European Union by supporting social and political initiatives that serve that end. In its work the Foundation focuses on two basic aims: education (European education for responsibility), and activation of pro-European constituencies. The Foundation helps pro-European organizations acting in local communities, facilitates the flow of information between nongovernmental organizations, and fosters integration of pro-European constituencies by creating a forum for discussion of integration. The website has news and press articles, information on ongoing projects, and downloadable materials and publications.
Language version: Polish, English, German, French, Russian
News: yes
Newsletter: yes
Downloadable educational materials: 1) Through education to the European Union (in Polish)
2) The rights of the child in the European Union (in Polish)
3) European School Clubs (in Polish)
Contact: Polska Fundacja im. Roberta Schumana
Al. Ujazdowskie 37/5
00-540 Warszawa
Tel.: +48 (22) 6212161, 6217555
Fax: +48 (22) 6297214