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Polska Rada Chrześcijan i Żydów (Polish Council of Christians and Jews)
Polish Council of Christians and Jews undertakes different activities on behalf of Christian-Jewish dialogue, including the following:
1. helping to organize the annual Judaism Days in the Catholic Church
2. organizing an annual prayer meeting on the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
3. organizing annual joint prayers on the Jewish holiday Simchat Torah
4. publishing (in 1998) Kościół katolicki o swoich korzeniach (The Catholic Church Considers Its Roots). It is directed particularly to catecheists, secondary school students, and everyone interested in Christian-Jewish dialogue; it is a response to the need to be open to the Jewish heritage and the Jewish experience
5. conferring the title "Person of Reconciliation" annually to a person from outside Poland who has made an outstanding contribution to Christian-Jewish dialogue in Poland.

The website has links to organizations having a similar profile, information about the Council’s ongoing initiatives, news, articles on interfaith dialogue, and sources containing statements by representatives of different churches (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant), ecumenical statements, statements by Jews, joint statements by Christians and Jews, and a bibliography.
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