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Polskie Towarzystwo Studiów Żydowskich (Polish Association of Jewish Studies)
The Polish Association of Jewish Studies organizes conferences on the latest Jewish studies research in Poland; the fourth "Jews and Judaism in Contemporary Research" conference was held in February 2007). It also supports educational programs.

Since 1997 the biannual Studia Judaica has been published. It is a place for presenting the results of Jewish studies research: articles, documentation, polemics and reviews addressing Jewish subjects in the fields of literature (mainly biblical, intertestamental, rabbinical, modern) hermeneutics, bibliology, archeology, history, culture and religious studies. Also published are reports from symposia, conferences, arts events, and bibliographic and phonographic reviews. Some articles are available in pdf format.
Language version: Polish, English
News: no
Newsletter: no
Downloadable educational materials: yes (articles from Studia Judaica biannual)
Contact: Polskie Towarzystwo Studiów Żydowskich
ul. Grodzka 52
31-044 Kraków