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Project on Ethnic Relations
The Project on Ethnic Relations (PER) was established in 1991 in anticipation of the serious interethnic conflicts that were to erupt after the collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Russian Federation. The purpose of PER is to foster dialogue, to mediate, and to intervene in conflict situations between representatives of communities, the state and ethnic groups. PER cooperates with world and European intergovernmental organizations to develop common strategies for mediation during interethnic conflicts. The problems of Romani communities are also within the organization’s remit.

PER offers educational programs, organizes workshops and training to prepare the latest generation of specialists in interethnic conflict management, and makes analyses of the situation of ethnic groups in particular countries. It supports the creation and development of national and local institutions that deal with interethnic conflict. It offers assistance to regional organizations through branches operating in different countries. PER places great stress on the influence of the media on public opinion. It forges cooperative links with opinion leaders, experts and strategic elites. It works to ensure that ethnic problems and conflicts are presented in a professional and objective manner, to increase the media presence of persons and institutions holding moderate views, and to ensure universal access to information.

The website has project reports, extensive information from meetings and conferences, and also issues of the PER Bulletin.
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