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Renner Institut
The Renner Institute works to support the Austrian Social Democratic Party and the social democratic movement, and to strengthen civil society. It supports the young democracies of Central and Eastern Europe and helps them join the mainstream of European politics. The Renner Institute includes experts from different academic fields. It is a forum for political and social debate, and promotes social democratic views. The organization educates young Social Democratic Party activists and prepares them to represent the party in the future. The Renner Institute functions in the spheres of politics, academia and culture in Austria and abroad. It organizes workshops, individual consultations, seminars, lectures and discussions on subjects such as women’s rights, Europe’s political future, nationalism in Europe, multiculturalism, and the role of education in the modern world.
Language version: German (summaries in French, Spanish, English)
News: no
Newsletter: yes
Downloadable educational materials: articles, lectures, conference materials in pdf format
Contact: Renner-Institut
Khleslplatz 12
A 1120 Wien