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Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Kulturowa "Borussia" (the Borussia Cultural Community Federation)
The Borussia Cultural Community Federation was registered in 1990. Invoking the multicultural heritage of Warmia and Masuria, the former Eastern Prussia, it endeavors to create and promote new cultural phenomena, and does educational work among young people and adults, aimed at building and developing civil society. It engages in issues of preserving the cultural landscape of Warmia and Masuria. The organization arranges study visits for outstanding students from Belarus, Ukraine and Kaliningrad. In the 18 years of its existence, Borussia has implemented dozens of innovative projects on an international scale. The guiding idea of the work is to create new cultural phenomena beyond national divisions and conflicts in a uniting Europe. Borussia bases its program on two notions: "The Atlantis of the North," a concept of discovery and co-creation of the metaphysics of the place in which we live; and "Open Regionalism," the construction of a network of contacts and linkages, whose participants, drawing from a wealth of personal experience, and from the characteristics of the regions and peoples, create an enduring foundation for modern Europe.

Since 1991 the organization has published the quarterly Borussia (the website has information on the content of particular issues), and since 1996 it has run Borussia Publishing.
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Fundacja "Borussia"
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