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Stowarzyszenie "Dzieci Holocaustu" (Association of Children of the Holocaust in Poland)
The Association of Children of the Holocaust in Poland, in existence since 1991, currently has about 700 members. It also has honorary members and supporters living abroad, of Polish background. It has its headquarters in Warsaw, and branches in Cracow, Wrocław and Gdańsk. Its purpose is to build a community of people who survived the Holocaust, to provide them with assistance and support, and to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and of Jewish life in prewar Poland. The Association aims to deepen and spread knowledge of Nazi atrocities committed during World War II, especially against Jewish children and youth. Serving this goal are educational initiatives such as the "Difficult Choices" project realized under the "Remembrance for the Future" program in cooperation with the National In-Service Teacher Training Center, or the assistance the Association extends to schools and local communities preparing to observe the Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and Counter-action Against Crimes Against Humanity. The Association concentrates on perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust victims and of the people who risked their lives to rescue the persecuted. The Association condemns all expressions of intolerance, and in particular antisemitism. The organization assists members (including providing therapy) and also Righteous Among the Nations, and makes efforts to obtain restitution for moral an material losses incurred during World War II as a result of ethnic and racial persecution. The Association awards the Irena Sendler Award "For Repairing the World" to teachers who teach "in the spirit of respect for all people and of aiding the needy."
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