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Stowarzyszenie "Krakowski Klub Dialogu" (Cracow Discussion Club Association)
The Cracow Dialogue Club Association was established in November 2000 at the initiative of a Cracovian who survived the Holocaust, Bernard Offen. At first it focused mainly on spreading knowledge of the history of the Polish Jews, particularly during the Second World War. Currently its focus is dialogue between cultures and religions, and relations between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Its work relies mainly on volunteers, among whom are secondary school and university students and academic staff. The Club regularly organizes meetings between Poles and young Jews from America and Israel, to combat the stereotyped image of the Christian Pole and the Jew, and arranges meetings with representatives of the Islamic world to counteract false images of Islam and to create a common platform for dialogue between these three great religions. Each winter in Cracow there are Islam Days, earlier Islamic Culture Days. Together with Polish and German teachers and students, the Cracow Dialogue Club Association has become involved in a history education program through which the two groups can learn their histories together.
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