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Stowarzyszenie na rzecz Integracji Społecznej "Pro Nobis" (Pro Nobis Association for Social Integration)
Pro Nobis is a public service organization that relies on volunteers and the pro bono work of its members. It helps people who are discriminated against or who face the threat of discrimination, and in particular disabled people, the ill, the unemployed and those threatened with firing, all people (including children) who face social exclusion for any reason, and religious, national and ethnic minorities. Pro Nobis supports people who help those discriminated against or threatened with discrimination, undertakes and supports civic initiatives, including legislative initiatives, and works with other organizations and institutions having a similar profile, carrying out goals congruent with the statute of Pro Nobis, or advancing European integration. Since May 2006, Pro Nobis has been running its first project, called "Nongovernmental Europe," which provides free lessons in sign language combined with vocational activation and social communication workshops.
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