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Stowarzyszenie Przeciw Przemocy (Association Against Violence)
The Association Against Violence was registered in £ód¼ on July 15, 1999. It statutory goals are to oppose and combat every form of violence; to work for increased public safety; to promote and defend freedom, human rights and civil liberties; to work for equal rights for women and men; to protect and aid victims; to counteract social pathologies; to encourage solidarity and social cooperation; to work to strengthen civil society and enhance the development of democracy; to counteract marginalization and social exclusion; to work to strengthen the nongovernmental organization sector; to promote and organize volunteer work; and to act preventively and educate in regard to these goals. The Association offers training and workshops for teachers and students, organizes conferences and competitions, and participates in campaigns for integration of Poland in the European Union in these areas: systemic solutions for combatting violence, victim assistance, combatting social exclusion, and the struggle for human rights. The Association cooperates with nongovernmental organizations in £ód¼ such as the Women’s Rights Center and the Nike Independent Women’s Initiative. Together with them it takes part in the "Together Against Violence" project aimed at building a broad platform of individuals, nongovernmental organizations and institutions jointly combatting every form of violence.
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