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Stowarzyszenie Wspó³pracy Kobiet, NEWW-Polska (Network of East-West Women – Polska/NEWW)
The Network of East-West Women – Polska/NEWW is part of the NEWW international network of women’s organizations, founded in 1991 in Dubrovnik (Croatia) for the purpose of linking women from the U.S.A., Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans in order to defend women’s rights in postcommunist countries. The NEWW network has special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Commission. It links women from more than 30 countries including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Kazachstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary.

NEWW-Polska has functioned as an independent association since 1999. Since June 2004 it has served as the International Secretariat for the Network of East-West Women. It is a public service organization under Polish law. NEWW-Polska coordinates the NEWW On-line women’s information network, conducts international and regional projects, and organizes training, meetings and conferences to enhance the participation of women in social and political life. It offers stipend programs to female lawyers, aimed at creating a network of specialists acting on behalf of women. The website has information on the organization’s projects, links to organizations of a similar profile, the NEWW news bulletin, and publications on the situation of women, some in pdf format. NEWW-Polska has a library and reading room.
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Downloadable educational materials: 1) Beijing +10 Alternative Report
2) Women in Europe: Info-Kit
3) S. Spurek, "Kobiety, partie, wybory", £ód¼ 2003
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