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Stowarzyszenie Żydowski Instytut Historyczny w Polsce (Jewish Historical Institute Association)
The Jewish Historical Institute Association in Poland has existed since 1947; in 1994 the Jewish Historical Institute was constituted as a separate unit. The Association’s basic tasks include preserving and perpetuating the memory of the history and culture of Polish Jews and their contribution to world culture, cultivating and popularizing the traditions of Polish Jews, supporting research on Jewish history and culture (with particular attention to Polish Jews), carrying out educational work, and working to inculcate tolerance in society.

The JHI structure is divided into Research (for research on the history and culture of Polish Jewry), the Archives (among its collected documents is the Ringelblum Archive), the Library (with about 70,000 books, journals, manuscripts and old prints in Hebrew and Yiddish), the Museum (with the largest collection of Judaica in Poland, paintings and sculpture) and Documentation of Historical Monuments and Sites (with about 40,000 photographs depicting the life of Jews in Poland and documenting surviving sacral buildings).

The Research Institute does educational work. Its staff give lessons and organize conferences for secondary and university students and teachers. The Museum also has an educational program for secondary school students (free museum classes under its "On Tłomackie Street" project) and for Academy of Fine Arts students, in addition to its exhibition and publishing activity. Since 2000, Kwartalnik Historii Żydów (Jewish History Quarterly) has been published, succeeding Biuletyn Informacyjny ZIH published from 1949.

The JHI website has an online bookstore offering 840 items on Jewish history and culture, educational materials (lesson plans, primary sources, monographs) downloadable in pdf format, and links to similar organizations.
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