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Stowarzyszenie "Dziedzictwo Mniejszości Karpackich" (Carpathian Minorities Heritage Society)
The Carpathian Minorities Heritage Society was established in July 2005 at the initiative of natives of the Gory Slonne Mts. and others who have a special attachment to the Carpathians. Above all the association acts on behalf of the Ukrainian minority. Its main tasks include compiling a list of buildings and other objects requiring renovation (e.g., shrines, Orthodox churches, cemeteries), collecting funds for renovation work, conservation, creating educational and tourism trails, publishing works (maps, guides, folders, albums, in printed and digital form) on the material culture of Carpathian ethnic (including Jewish) minorities, popularizing knowledge of the local cultural heritage, and boosting the sense of dignity of Carpathian ethnic and national minorities.
Language version: Polish
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Contact: Stowarzyszenie "Dziedzictwo Mniejszości Karpackich"
ul. Filtrowa 19
38-540 Zagórz
Tel.: +48 695 66 48 06