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Stowarzyszenie "Miasteczko" ("Little Town" Association)
The work of Stowarzyszenie "Miasteczko" is intended to serve the local community: to revitalize cultural life in the town of Che³m and to boost its economy through the growth of sentimental tourism (e.g., development of a program for tour guides and attractions for visitors to Che³m, such as the "Hasidic trail"). The organization’s activity encompasses art, education, social action, research and community revitalization. It combats xenophobia, antisemitism and racism, and works to rekindle the memory of the Holocaust (the Che³m Stone Commemoration in Sobibór, construction of a monument to the sages of Che³m) and of the town’s Jewish residents (planting trees on the occasion of the Jewish holy day Yom Kippur). The members have undertaken to document Che³m’s multicultural past; the collected mementos, photos, books and recorded memoirs of older residents serve as the base for an educational program for Polish and foreign youth, teaching tolerance and cooperation beyond divisions. Working with children and teenagers, the organization takes care of cultural monuments and memorial sites, (e.g., cleanup of the Che³m Jewish cemetery), and it acts in conjunction with other cultural centers and associations. The website has links to partner organizations.
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Contact: Stowarzyszenie "Miasteczko"
ul. Krzywa 42/1
22-100 Che³m
Tel.: +48 (82) 565 23 03