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Alberta Justice
Alberta Justice/Alberta Solicitor General is an official government website devoted to the justice and court systems of the province of Alberta, Canada. Its aim is to educate the residents of Alberta about their legal system in order to make it more effective and productive. In addition to information about the system itself, its structure and functions, the website offers data about programs carried out by the offices of the Attorney General and the Solicitor General to increase safety, educate society about issues related to the justice system, increase cooperation between different communities, etc. The website also contains reports on initiatives and analyses, statistical data, and links to other provincial government web pages. Especially interesting are materials about the law and aboriginal ethnic groups.
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Contact: Alberta Justice, Communications
3rd floor, Bowker Building
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Alberta Solicitor General, Communications
10th floor, John E. Brownlee Building
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Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 3W7