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Suomen Nuorisoyhteistyo – Allianssi
Suomen Nuorisoyhteistyo – Allianssi was formed in 1993 on the basis of three youth organizations. It offers its members a forum for discussion and also a wide range of options connected with multicultural education. It runs the only Youth Policy Library in the Nordic countries, with a collection including about 13,000 publications and 200 journals and reviews. Allianssi is the creator of the Youth Info House web service, and the publisher of Nuorisotutkimus, the only magazine in Finland devoted to exhaustive and comprehensive treatment of youth issues. It also publishes Nuorisotyo educational journal. The organization runs a large international youth exchange program. It is a member of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA), and of the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency ERYICA. It represents youth centers in the international arena. Allianssi promotes activities designed to familiarize young people with politics; it organizes youth parliament elections.
Language version: Finnish, English, Swedish
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Contact: Suomen Nourisoyhteistyo – Allianssi ry
Asemapaallikonkatu 1
00520 Helsinki
Tel.: +358 (20) 755 2614
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