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Union of Jewish Students of Great Britain & Ireland
The Union of Jewish Students of Great Britain & Ireland is a social organization whose purpose is to strengthen the sense of cultural identity among Jewish students regardless of their denomination or political views. It has its headquarters in London and regional offices in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. It works to integrate Jewish communities and defend the rights of Jewish students on campus. USJ cooperates with more than a hundred Jewish societies within student unions, and offers a wide range of activities in politics, education and culture to its members and to all Jewish students. USJ deals with issues such as the State of Israel, racism, citizenship education, social initiatives, charity campaigns, relations with other Jewish student organizations worldwide, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and women’s rights. UJS cooperates and dialogues with other religious student organizations (National Union of Students, the National Hindu Student Forum, the British Organisation of Sikh Students, local Muslim-Jewish dialogue) and antiracist organizations.
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