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United Religions Initiative (URI)
The United Religions Initiative joins thousands of representatives from 65 countries, who are members of more than 100 different faiths. URI’s mission is to help end interreligious discord in the modern world. Its first global summit took place in 2006, and ended with the declaration of a Charter defining the organization’s goal of building understanding between different faiths. Negotiations about the content of the Charter took four years. It speaks of the need for respect for all religions, it forbids coercion of any URI member to participate in any ritual or to be prosetylized, and it calls for deepening one’s faith, whatever that faith may be. The website has the text of the Charter for downloading in 16 languages.

The website has information on campaigns for education of children and young people in the spirit of interreligious dialogue and tolerance, on peacebuilding activities, and on different religions. The Interfaith Peacebuilding Guide is for sale online.
Language version: English
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Newsletter: Newsletter, URI Newsletters
Downloadable educational materials: 1) URI Charter in 16 languages
2) URI Report to United States Institute of Peace
3) URI Bylaws – FINAL (7/2/02)
4) URI Bylaws – FINAL (7/2/02)
5) URI Brochure
6) Partners in Leadership 2006
7) Interfaith Home Gatherings: A Practical Guide
8) Interfaith Peacebuilding Guide
Contact: United Religions Initiative
1009 General Kennedy Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94129