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European Students Forum. AEGEE Europe
AEGEE’s aims are to promote a unified Europe without prejudice, to strive for an open and tolerant society, and to foster democracy, human rights, tolerance, cross-border cooperation, mobility, and the European dimension in education. The association organizes action days (simultaneous activities all over Europe by AEGEE locals, dealing with one topic, such as Socrates Action Day or the European Day of Languages), study trips (research trips covering a specific topic such as democracy, youth issues, standards of living and study, nationalism and minority issues) and projects (e.g., Youth & Globalization, European Identity, Tolerance - Acceptance – Peace). AEGEE also organizes conferences, seminars and smaller projects locally and Europe-wide.
In order to promote international cooperation and to avoid creating physical or mental borders, AEGEE is organized on a non-national basis, that is, on two levels: local, by which people from the 235 autonomous AEGEE locals directly implement AEGEE aims in a way that best serves the needs of their local communities; and European, which sets the overall framework and direction for all local activities and provides a platform for international cooperation in multicultural teams. Members from locals can become involved directly in European working groups, project teams and commissions.
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