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Centre Européen Juif D’Information (CEJI)
CEJI operates or partners with other organizations to promote diversity education through varied networks and programs. In the field of education, CEJI provides programs to both formal and nonformal educational sectors, which develop respect and skills for a multicultural Europe.
It is currently a partner with the Anti-Defamation League for the A World of Difference Program. CEJI is also a part of the European Peer Training Organization (EPTO) and of the A Classroom of Difference Diversity Education Network (ACODDEN). These programs provide a constructive response to prejudice and discrimination for young people in schools, individuals involved in youth-serving associations, teachers, school administrators, and other staff members in the school community. It also works with other Jewish organizations to facilitate their active involvement in the European Union, and contributes to the policy-making process in the European Union.
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