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Emakunde. The Basque Women’s Institute
Emakunde has become the driving force of public policies defending equal opportunities for men and women. Its work is directed toward the Basque administration: the government, regional councils and city councils. Emakunde promotes, develops, coordinates and monitors the equal opportunity policy of the general, regional and local administrations. Emakunde also works with associations, citizens and other elements of civil society. It aims to promote and strengthen women’s associations, raise public awareness within Basque society, and inform and train those involved in education, employment, health, etc.

One of the most important developments in this field is the Positive Action Plan for women in the Basque Country, which underpins all equal opportunity policies set in motion by the Basque government during each term of office. Emakunde participates in its development and implementation.
Publications: magazine and documents in Spanish; some are downloadable
Language version: Basque, Spanish, English, French
News: yes
Newsletter: yes
Downloadable educational materials: no
Contact: Emakunde. Emakumearen Euskal Erakundea
Manuel Iradier kalea 36
01005 Vitoria-Gasteiz