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European Centre for Conflict Prevention
The European Centre for Conflict Prevention is a nongovernmental organization that focuses on conflict deterrence and peaceful methods of conflict resolution. The organization also acts as a support network linking individuals in their efforts to ensure peace throughout the globe. Defining itself as an impartial organization, it emphasizes a diversified approach to conflict management and strives to enhance local efforts through partnerships with grassroots organizations. The European Centre for Conflict Prevention hosts the secretariat of the European Platform for Conflict Prevention and Transformation (150 member organizations) as well as the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict. The organization coordinates the regional activities of the Global Partnership program, ensuring that its efforts produce visible results. The Centre works to institutionalize the mechanisms of local civil society organizations in order to optimize their peace-building activities. The outcomes of the organization’s coordination efforts include Regional Action Agendas alongside the Global Action Agenda. The organization teaches peaceful conflict management techniques through various programs and publications, and maintains an extensive database of surveys.
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