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International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF)
IARF has its headquarters in the United Kingdom, and has been working for more than a century. It promotes freedom of religion and belief at a global level. Most of the work is related to at least one of the following: freedom from oppression by any organization at any level of society; mutual understanding and dialogue; and protection of human rights and dignity. The Association’s large network of member organizations and groups provides it with many perspectives on local issues of religious freedom, enhancing its role as an intervention agent. This network, extending to 25 countries, covers a wide range of faith traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Shintoism and Sikhism.

The IARF strategic plan includes the following activities:
· Supporting affected communities, working with local and regional coordinators and member groups to develop practical programs in communities that have recently suffered religious discrimination and denial of freedom
· Nonformal diplomacy, active communication with decision makers through U.N. channels
· Young adult programs, creating a global network of volunteers
· Developing codes of conduct, working with member organizations to create voluntary guidelines for responsible religious practice.
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