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International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)
First established in 1926, today the IFJ represents around 500,000 members in more than 100 countries. The IFJ defends trade union and other basic human rights by protesting against physical threats, attacks and other attempts to silence or intimidate journalists, and by monitoring media regulation worldwide. The IFJ works to combat racism by promoting debate within journalism, exchanging good practice, and developing international initiatives such as the IFJ Tolerance Prize for excellence in journalism that combats racism and discrimination. The Federation recognizes excellence in reporting human rights, democracy and development through the Natali Prize and the Europe Prize for journalism. IFJ works for women journalists’ rights in the workplace and in unions, encouraging discussion about the portrayal of gender in the media, and creating networks for women within the Federation. It has the support of the European Commission for better understanding of the world of development.
Language version: English, French, Spanish
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Downloadable educational materials: IFJ website documents and publications including media-watch reports such as "European Media Ownership: Threats on the Landscape, a survey of who owns what in Europe."
Contact: IFJ Headquarters
International Federation of Journalists
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