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Irish Refugee Council (IRC)
The IRC above all seeks to promote interculturalism and to ensure that all asylum seekers and refugees have the opportunity to participate in their community’s development. The IRC aims to serve the information and advocacy needs of the asylum–seeker/refugee community, to promote public awareness and understanding of asylum and refugee issues, and to ensure that all aspects of Ireland’s asylum and refugee policy and practice comply fully with international law and respect the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees. The website provides asylum seekers and refugees with information on their rights and entitlements, on family reunification, on Irish citizenship, and on the asylum interview procedure in Ireland. The site also provides fact sheets on accommodation, health care and access to the labor market for asylum seekers and refugees. Policy papers that the IRC has submitted to the government are also available at the website.
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Downloadable educational materials: guidance on reporting on refugees, by and for journalists
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