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Justice and Peace
Justice and Peace is a global Catholic organization established by Pope Paul VI in 1967 and inspired by the spirit of Vatican II. It disseminates the Church’s social teachings, to defend and promote human rights, justice, peace, solidarity, and preservation of the environment. It works for human rights and justice by carrying out studies, surveys and other activities related to education, and by raising awareness. This work is manifested in campaigns, publications, exhibitions, conferences, discussion groups, study days, workshops, and the organization’s Internet and mass media presence. Some past achievements of the organization include obtaining amnesty for political prisoners and the abolition of the death penalty in Spain. It works for a multiethnic and multicultural Europe, for cancellation of the external debt of impoverished countries, for respect for human rights (economic, social and cultural) and against racism. It is well established in Europe and is organized in a Conference of Commissions that embraces the entire continent. This Conference has consultative status in the Council of Europe.
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