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Kosova Women’s Network (KWN)
The Kosova Women’s Network was established in 2000 as an informal network of women’s groups and organizations from all over Kosova. Since its inception, KWN has grown into a key advocacy network on behalf of Kosovar women at regional and international levels. It now links more then 60 women’s NGOs and groups, some of which are well established in the region and have over ten years of experience in community development, while others were more recently formed after the arrival of the UN in Kosova. The Network also includes women’s groups of various ethnicities, helping them build their capacity to work effectively for their communities. For example, KWN has provided mentoring and support to networks of Romani women’s NGOs and Serbian women’s groups of Kosova.
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Downloadable educational materials: annual reports 2005, 2006
Contact: KWN
St. Agim Ramadani nr 50/8
Tel: +381 (38) 245 850