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Nonviolent Peaceforce
The Nonviolent Peaceforce is a large worldwide network of nongovernmental organizations determined to mobilize a massive civilian peace force which can ensure a safe environment for local human rights activists and organizations to promote peaceful resolution of conflicts. The organization has introduced an innovative initiative to help fund the peacekeeping taskforce by selling tax-deductible peace bonds. Members make resources available to organizations, observe demonstrations, and protect activists. The Peaceforce provides training in nonviolent resolution techniques which it continually improves and elaborates. Training includes the theory of nonviolence, nonviolent peacemaking, cultural sensitivity, listening, mediation skills and conflict transformation. The Nonviolent Peaceforce, supported by the United States Institute of Peace, has made a feasibility study of a possible nonviolent civilian peacekeeping taskforce; the study drew valuable conclusions as to its structure, dynamics, utility, and techniques. The organization is a member of the Emergency Response Network and in part relies on volunteers in within-country groups to gather support. The organization’s website offers articles, annual reports, and links to related organizations.
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