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Oxfam International
Oxfam’s work spans issues including trade, education, debt and aid, livelihoods, health, HIV/AIDS, gender equality, conflict and natural disasters, democracy and human rights. Oxfam seeks to help people organize to gain better access to the opportunities they need to improve their livelihoods and govern their own lives. Oxfam also works with people affected by humanitarian disasters, with preventive measures, preparedness, as well as emergency relief. The organization engages in research and lobbying aimed at changing international policies and practices in ways that can ensure that poor people have the rights, opportunities and resources they need to improve and control their lives.

The education program works with partners and alliances to implement, advocate and campaign for quality gender-equitable education, adequate financing for education, and good national and sub-national educational planning and implementation. Oxfam’s education campaign has been running since 1999, working for the abolition of school fees and for more aid. Oxfam’s work on democracy and human rights focuses on ‘voice poverty’: the denial of poor women and men’s right to influence the decisions that affect their lives.
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Contact: Oxfam International Secretariat, Oxford
Chair: David Bryer; Executive Director: Jeremy Hobbs
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