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Abraham Fund Initiatives (TAFI)
The Abraham Fund Initiatives is an organization created in 1989, with its headquarters in New York and Harey Yehuda. Its objective is to work toward peaceful coexistence, equality and cooperation between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, while respecting their identities and cultural differences. Its activities take the form of scholarships, research projects, social and educational programs, informational campaigns, seminars and meetings with decision-makers.

The website contains detailed descriptions of local projects and large-scale initiatives initiated or funded by the organization, as well as research results, reports and publications, statistical data about the social structure of Israel, and information about ongoing dialogue with politicians and with organizations having a similar profile.

The News & Events section offers a wealth of articles, press clippings and commentaries, complete with audio and video. The site also includes guidelines and application forms for grant applications, and useful links to art and science organizations, the media, and selected projects supported by the organization.
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