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Peace Brigades International
Since 1981 this nongovernmental organization has worked to promote human rights and prevent the violent resolution of conflicts throughout the world. Volunteers endeavor to safeguard local human rights activists, and they document and publicize the activists’ efforts. Through the presence of volunteers who can expose the oppression of human rights activists, the organization tries to ensure that activists are not intimidated. Volunteers also are sent to monitor elections, and they escort human rights activists and refugees to prevent death threats, arrests and expulsions. Besides direct efforts in various countries, the organization offers training for activists as well as workshops to teach nonviolent techniques of conflict resolution. The organization cooperates with support networks which, in an emergency, immediately contact the targeted government or regime in order to apply pressure. The response triggered by the organization often results in international condemnation, with political and economic consequences for oppressive regimes. The organization has offices in several European countries. The website offers reports from past and ongoing projects, several publications, annual reports, and links to related organizations.
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