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The PRO EUROPA League is now embedding its programs in a strong institutional base, and developing them to increase their societal impact. The central programs of the PRO EUROPA League, implemented predominantly in Transylvania, are based on promotion of interculturalism, human rights and minority rights, civic education, and conflict prevention. Some projects are devoted to cross-border environmental cooperation, local autonomy, regionalism, and women’s presence in public life.

Considering Romanian-Hungarian partnership to be a guarantee of stability and security in this region, the League has functioned as a forum for Romanian-Hungarian dialogue and has lobbied at the highest political levels.

The PRO EUROPA Leage has organized many meetings, national and international debates, colloquia, seminars and round table conferences, has published a civically engaged press, and has denounced the abuses of undemocratic authorities. It also organizes summer courses and workshops. It is engaged in publishing and documentation, consultation and research.
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