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Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR)
PATRIR, the first institute of its type in Romania, develops resources and tools for conflict transformation by peaceful means domestically as well as in other parts of Europe and in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Since 2001, PATRIR has become an international center for training in peace-building and conflict transformation, transitioning from war to peace and post-war reconstruction, reconciliation and resolution. Addressing contemporary conflicts and events important to Romania and the world, PATRIR works in four areas: peace-building, conflict transformation, conflict transformation training, and education for peace. The Institute focuses on community work and on global action through a network of partners and institutions engaged in promotion of peace by peaceful means. It strives to eliminate all forms of violence, discrimination and marginalization, to promote respect for human rights, and to ensure sustainable development based on social, economic and democratic principles and practices.
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Contact: PATRIR
1 Decembrie 1918 Blvd., no. 26
OP 1 CP 331
400699 Cluj-Napoca
Tel./Fax: + 40 (264) 420 298