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Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
SIPRI, founded in 1966, is funded largely by the Swedish government, along with private donations. The organization boasts a staff of 25 professional and international researchers and research assistants, focusing on Euro-Atlantic security and arms control, armed conflict and conflict management, nonproliferation, chemical and biological weapons, military expenditures and arms production, and arms transfers. It organizes and sponsors workshops, conferences and seminars, and maintains databases on the above-mentioned subjects. Its main publication is the SIPRI Yearbook, an annual compilation of recent developments in arms control, armed conflict and conflict resolution, security arrangements and disarmament. It is aimed at diplomats, politicians and journalists, and is published in a number of languages including Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese and Arabic.
Language version: English
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Downloadable educational materials: yes (position papers, research reports, SIPRI Yearbook editions)
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