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Union Romani
Union Romani is concerned with defending the Romani community.It works on activities designed to gain recognition of the culture of the Romani people, as an asset of global culture. The focus is on social and cultural promotion of the Romani people, with the goal of eliminating every form of discrimination that places their community in a position of inferiority or dependence upon the majority. This is achieved by the study, promotion, preservation and dissemination of Romani culture, language, history and customs. Initiatives include legal consulting for Roma to respond to racist actions, campaigns for a united community, journalists against racism, dealing with common health and housing problems, education and labor training, driving permit courses, and standardization and protection of the Romani language in Spain. The Spanish Union Romani is made up of the Federation of Associations of Roma throughout the country. It fosters international relationships with Romani associations by the interchange of experiences and projects.
Language version: English, Spanish, Romani
News: yes
Newsletter: yes
Downloadable educational materials: yes (books and periodicals orderable, mostly in Spanish; online history and general information on Romani people)
Contact: Union Romani
P.O. Box 202
08002 Barcelona