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Women’s Alliance for Development
The Women’s Alliance for Development works for a just, inclusive and equitable society which accommodates diversity in all its aspects, regardless of differences in sex, social status, ethnic origin, health status, age, sexual orientation, marital status or religion. Gender equality is a crosscutting issue, and as such a prerequisite for sustainable development.

The main aims of the Alliance are to raise public awareness of gender issues, improve women’s access to economic resources, and motivate positive action towards equal participation of women in decision-making processes at local, regional and national levels. It works to increase the contribution of women and their nonprofit organizations to democratic, sustainable development through cross-sector cooperation and partnership with government on implementation of the National Action Plan. It also works to increase the impact of Eastern European women in global consultative and European integration processes through transfer and adaptation of know-how from Western democracies, exchange of ideas and promotion of good practice, and pro-active networking within international and regional EC networks.
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