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Education International (EI)
Education International (EI) is the largest international federation of organizations of education personnel, with 29 million members in 343 trade organizations in 165 countries and regions of the world, associated under Global Union Federations.

Besides defending the interests and status of teachers and educators, EI promotes peace, democracy and social justice; combats all forms of discrimination (gender, racial, religious, political, sexual orientation and ethnic); protects minority and indigenous rights; and supports and cooperates with professional organizations in education.

Through the Solidarity Fund, the Federation assists member organizations in the event of natural disasters, war or persecution. EI uses Urgent Action Appeals for similar purposes, and also to allow member organizations to act together against rights violations by governments.

The website contains descriptions of EI projects and campaigns, and a collection of documents, research papers, reports and other educational and human rights publications created by EI as well as other organizations dealing with these issues. The site also includes links to EI member organizations, Global Union Federations, EU institutions and special agencies, as well as intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations involved with education, human rights and gender equality.
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