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Autism-Europe (AE) is one of the founders of the Social Platform, the European Disability Forum, and the World Autism Organization. It plays an advisory role in the Council of Europe and the World Health Organization.

AE coordinates the work of 85 associations of parents of autistic children in 30 European countries (including 20 EU countries), represents them in the EU, and supports their participation in European programs.

The goal of AE is to promote cooperation between autism-related associations and governments and international institutions. The organization facilitates information exchange and raises awareness about people affected by autism, highlighting workplace discrimination against autistic people and their parents. It promotes research on the causes and treatment of autism.

AE initiated European Autism Day and the world's largest congress with the participation of parents, therapists and researchers. It authored the "Charter for People with Autism" which has been adopted by the European Parliament as a declaration.

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